Shadows (Animated short, 2011)

Produced in 2011, my short film created for my MA Illustration and Animation is a dark story inspired by film noir and Jungian psychology archetypes. It took me two months to make using a combination of Autodesk Maya, Fusion 6 and Photoshop to create a unique "motion comic" effect. In 2015 it was featured at Glastonbury's Groovie Movie showcase.

Transit (2010 Animated Short)

My first animated short, inspired by parallell dimension science fiction and the Freudian concept of the "Uncanny Valley". Created using a combination of TVP Animation software and Autodesk Maya to blend stop motion with 3D rendered backdrops.

Wired Experience (2010 installation)

Part of an installation piece I devised in 2010 for my MA degree, this loop was set up to play on several computers in a communal computer block so the "characters" would switch screens each time they clicked their mouse. The installation piece was based on observations I had made about the phasing out of the physical medium of music in favour of instantly accessible digital downloads.